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Brand Story

SAY SKIN is a premium beauty care device brand aiming at high class skin.
We are responsible for your skin to keep your beauty forever


Brand Development

Developed and Designed for you

"SAY SKIN AURORA+", a masterpiece developed after five years of research
It was born after 4 years of research by 4 expert engineers worked for Samsung Electronics during total 25 years.
SAY SKIN is always with you to make your skin elegant!


Story of AURORA+

AURORA+ with innovative technology added micro-current as soon as plasma is generated

AURORA+ has two meanings.

First, AURORA is a photoelectric phenomenon in which plasma particles emitted
from the sun are attracted to the earth's magnetic field, enter the atmosphere,
and react with air molecules in the upper atmosphere.

Second, the name aurora comes from the name of the goddess of the dawn, AURORA, from Roman mythology.
She is a beautiful blonde goddess with white, rose-scented skin like snow.


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